Less Than Bamboo Long Handle Dish Brush


Make washing dishes fun again!

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This bamboo long handle dish brush is an environmentally friendly, plastic-free zero-waste staple for your daily cleaning routine. This dish brush handle is made from bamboo and the head is held in place with a steel wire center. The bristles on the head are made from sisal fiber from agave plant. The heavy duty fiber bristles with replaceable heads attached to a long, thin handle that is perfect for cleaning dishes and items of all kinds.

Better than: This combo is better than a plastic dish brush because the bamboo is compostable, the metal can be recycled and the head can be replaced to give the handle new life.

Care: Keep dry when not in use.

Packaging: This long handle brush ships without packaging!

When done: The handle should last you a long time with proper care because the brush head is replaceable. The steel wire is recyclable with metal recycling and should you outlast the bamboo, it’s compostable.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 2.4 × 2 in

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