Replacement Razor Blades (10)


High quality replacement blades for our premium unisex 3 piece razor!

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These are replacement blades for our premium unisex 3-piece razor but they also work with any other double edge razors. On average, each razor should last about 5 shaves depending on the density and thickness of the hair being shaved. 10 blades per pack, $0.25 per blade. Read below to find out more about the blade take back program.

Better than: This unisex razor is plastic free, all metal, and the blades have eligible for a take back program which saves the landfills from plastic razors, single use razors, plastic blade cartridges, etc. You can expect the following frequency: Low Shaving (1 or 2X per week):3 Blade Packs per Year. Medium Shaving Frequency (2 – 4X per week): 4 -5 Blade Packs per Year. High Shaving Frequency (5 -7X per week): 7 -10 Blade Packs per Year.

Care: Replace blades as needed and save for blade take back program.

Packaging: This package ships plastic free. The blades are shipped in a paper box.

When done: If you don’t have a local blade drop off facility where you live, put them back into the paper blade box, put that box in a envelope that is at least 3.5” x 5” large (USPS minimum requirement) and mail to: Albatross Designs PO Box 2254 Berkley, CA. 94702

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × .75 × .75 in
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    These work great!

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