Texturizing Salt Spray


Get perfectly beachy waves all year ’round!

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You know how a day at the beach gives you those great tousled waves that linger as a reminder of the sun and the sand? We can’t send you back to the seashore every day, but we can help you recreate those carefree locks. We’ve paired sea salt with vegetable glycerine and epsom salts so you’ll get gorgeous texture and volume without drying your tresses!
Use: With nozzle 6 inches from hair, spray as many pumps as desired to damp or dry hair and tousle.
Ingredients: Filtered water, epsom salt, sea salt, vegetable glycerin, lactobacillus
Better Than: Hair products in unnatural ingredients and plastic packaging.
Packaging: Spray comes in an aluminum bottle.
When Done: Clean out and reuse or recycle the spray bottle.
Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.75 × 6 in

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