Package Free Pop-Up


Less Than would like to keep SITW music-goers happy while keeping our beach clean! To achieve this, we’ve come up with a package free store where guest can buy their beach necessities without creating litter. Our offerings avoid not only glass and metal containers per SITW guidelines but also plastic which plagues our beaches, oceans and landfills here and around the world. Check out our lineup below!

* Day moisturizer – pay per pump
* Sun screen – pay per pump
* Sub burn gel – pay per pump
* Night moisturizer – pay per pump
* Hand sanitizer – pay per pump

* Hair moisturizer – pay per pump
* Dry shampoo – pay per ounce

* Tooth paste tablets
* Mouth wash tablets
* Deodorant – pay per ounce
* Bulk lip moisturize – pay per ounce

* Reusable totes
* Reusable straws bamboo
* Reusable bamboo utensils w/ case
* Reusable toothbrush
* Lotion bar
* Hair tie

*Items are suggestions and may change within scope of festival guidelines.

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