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Who we are

Less Than is a zero waste + refill shop offering sustainable alternatives to everyday goods that are healthy for you and for our planet.

For you, we focus on eco-friendly products made from natural ingredients that are free from harsh, synthetic chemicals from makers who are environmentally aware.

For our planet, our offerings are without packaging, or in recycled, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging. Our delivery mailers, packing tissue, sticker and tape are all biodegradable. Our boxes are made from post consumer waste product and can be reused or recycled. We never ship plastic.

Our refill station offers dry and liquid goods such as shampoo and conditioner, hand and dish soap, face and body lotion, laundry detergent and pods, toothpaste tablets, candle refills, etc. We encourage guest to bring their own container, to weigh them, fill them, re-weigh them and pay by the ounce to minimize the discarding of containers as you would at a traditional store.

Our goals are to help you find sustainable alternatives to common goods, to help you think about the life cycle of an item before you buy, to encourage a shift away from single-use and plastic and to help you create less waste than before.

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