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RALEIGH, NC.— Hidden Gems: Meet Chris Simmonds of Less Than & Ceremony 

Chris Simmonds, owner of Less Than Zero Waste and Refill Shop, shares his story about bringing his zero waste business to life and the challenges he’s faced along the way. 

RICHMOND, Va. – Growing up on St. Thomas, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Chris Simmonds remembers eating food straight from his grandmother’s garden, plucking fresh tea leaves to brew, and endlessly reusing bags and containers. Simmonds moved to Hampton Roads, where he graduated from high school and college, but those experiences during his formative years led him to eventually open Less Than, a zero-waste and refill shop, selling eco-friendly and sustainable items.

NORFOLK, Va.— 027: Norfolk’s Zero Waste Shop is Changing How Locals Shop Sustainably – Chris Simmonds & Less Than

Chris Simmonds, owner of Less Than Zero Waste and Refill Shop, discussed bringing his zero waste business to Norfolk.

RICHMOND, Va. – As the nation has proclaimed Earth Day should be every day, a small business in the Fan District has already been practicing what’s been preached.

Less Than, a zero waste and refill shop, located at 1 N. Lombardy Street has been owned and operated by Chris Simmonds since the beginning of 2020. 

NORFOLK, Va.— Chris Simmonds turned an early lesson into Less Than— a store that’s more than just essential items. “I found that I’ve always done something sustainable— even since a child, growing up in a household where we had to be resourceful.“

NORFOLK, Va. — Chris Simmonds started his own sustainability shop in early 2020 online. Just a couple months into the pandemic, he decided to open up his own brick-and-mortar store. Less Than holds reusable products like towels and cleaning items as well as organic products like soap, lotions, and toothpaste. Simmonds says it’s always been a passion of his growing up.

Less Than Zero Waste And Refill Shop Opens In Hilton Village

One local entrepreneur is promoting sustainable alternatives to patrons through the region’s first zero waste and refill shop.

Introducing Hampton Road’s first zero waste + refill shop

Less Than (@golessthan on FB and IG) is the Hampton Road’s first zero waste + refill shop located at 803 Shirley Ave. In addition to the storefront Less Than offers local deliveries, curbside pick up and out of state carbon neutral shipping on our online goods at

2020 Coastal Virginia Shop Local Guide

What better holiday season than 2020—this wild ride of a year—to eschew those mail-order mainstream gifts or big box store baubles in favor of shopping local for the ones you love? Imagine how much we could do for our local economy and culture if we all decided to make Small Business Saturday (Nov. 28, 2020, for the record) a fulltime commitment between now and Dec. 25? In this article you’ll find just a few ideas for gifts that are made or sold in Coastal Virginia.

Doing More for the World with Less Than Zero Waste and Refill Station

A global pandemic couldn’t stop Chris Simmonds from turning his passion for sustainability into a living by opening not one but three brick and mortar locations in Hampton Roads. Less Than are a small chain of zero waste refill shops offering sustainable alternatives.

Less Than: A Visionary Company

There’s a new business in the downtown Hampton business district that is catching a lot of attention. Less Than. Less Than is a revolutionary company offering sustainable alternatives to everyday products that are healthy for the body and great for the environment. With other locations in Virginia Beach and the Norfolk, VA areas, Less Than continues its success to provide eco-friendly products with the highest quality to its consumers. Here are some other reasons you should check out Less Than.

Turning a waste-not mindset into a business

Chris Simmonds ’07 hopes his recently opened Less Than stores in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Newport News make sustainability more than a passing thought. The stores feature non-plastic bottle brushes, reusable cotton swabs, refill stations for soap, shampoo and laundry detergent — even biodegradable poop bags for dogs. Simmonds likes to describe his businesses as “zero waste and refill shops.“ The goal is to “create less waste and use less chemicals than before.“ All of the products, he said, are either plastic-free or can be reused, recycled or composted.

Less is more at zero-waste and refill shop in three Hampton Roads cities

While some people strive for more, Chris Simmonds’ everyday focus is on less. Simmonds is the owner of Less Than, a zero-waste shop that offers sustainable options for everyday goods with eco-friendly materials and by selling “refills” from bulk containers to reduce packaging. Within a year of opening his first location, Less Than expanded to three stores in three Hampton Roads cities with six employees.

Eco-friendly retailer opening store in former Baja Bean building in the Fan

A retail chain that sells eco-friendly household items and toiletries is expanding into Richmond. Less Than plans to open in the next few weeks at 1 N. Lombardy St. in the Fan. The store will take up a portion of the former Baja Bean Co. space, which previously occupied the basement of the building at the corner of Main and Lombardy streets.

Eco-friendly Less Than and other small businesses revitalize former Baja Bean Co. building in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The former Baja Bean Co. building on the corner of Main Street and Lombardy Street used to be home to tacos and Tecate beers and was a staple of the Richmond bar scene on the weekends.

Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse

Less Than, Richmond’s first zero waste and refill shop, is located in the lower level of the Stonewall Jackson School at 1 N. Lombardy Street, Suite 106. Their retail goods are sustainably made, packaged and shipped from their Hampton Roads location.

Go Less: Norfolk retailer Less Than brings its zero-waste, eco-friendly products to Richmond

After opening his original Less Than shop in Norfolk in May 2020, Chris Simmonds has expanded into Richmond at 1 N Lombardy St

Less Than Embodies Earth Day Everyday

Rather than tossing out another empty plastic bottle or bag into the trash, try an affordable and sustainable approach in purchasing hygiene and cleaning products.

Less Than, Region’s First Zero Waste And Refill Shop, Offers Sustainable Alternatives

HAMPTON-One local entrepreneur is promoting sustainable alternatives to patrons through the region’s first zero waste and refill shop. Chris Simmonds first created the online sustainability shop Less Than

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