30 Gallon Trash Bags


Heavy duty trash bag made from post consumer recycled product.

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These bags bear the seal of approval from SCS Global Services, a reputable independent organization advocating environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Crafted from 89% recycled post-consumer plastic, these bags are a sustainable solution that repurposes material that would have otherwise cluttered landfills.

Each box includes ten 30-gallon bags, perfectly tailored to fit standard 30-gallon trash cans. Choose these environmentally conscious trash bags to conveniently manage your waste while actively contributing to a greener planet. Take a positive step towards sustainability without compromising on functionality or convenience.

Better Than: Using 1 kh (2.2lbs) of recycled polyethylene plastic instead of producing new polyethylene plastic reduces CO2 emissions by at least 1.5 kg and crude oil consumption by 2 liters. In addition, these bags are heavy duty and perform equal to, if not better than, regular PE trash bags.

Packaging: The bags are packaged in 100% recycled board processed chlorine-free (PCF) box

When Done: Cardboard box can be recycled

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 3 in


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