Cotton Mesh Produce Bags


Buy produce without the waste of plastic baggies!

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Your sustainable choice for plastic-free, zero-waste shopping that supports both people and the planet! Crafted from 100% cotton, these lightweight bags are your eco-friendly companion on the journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our reusable bags are designed for hassle-free shopping trips. Bring them along on your grocery runs and fill them with your favorite produce. Each bag features a tag displaying its tare weight, ensuring you only pay for the fresh goodies you select, eliminating unnecessary waste and reducing your ecological footprint.

This set includes three versatile sizes: 1 small (7” X 9”), 1 medium (9.75” X 11.75”), and 1 large (11.75” X 13.75”). From vibrant berries to leafy greens, these bags cater to all your produce needs while championing environmental sustainability.

Better than: These bags are better than others because they’re made from 100% cotton and are ethically sourced, and ship plastic-free.

Care: Fold-able to be put away in storage, washing machine safe for cleaning.

Packaging: Ships in a recyclable paper sleeve.

When done: Recycle or compost.

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 0.75 × 7 in


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Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Availability: In stock