Dog Odor Eliminator


Great for when your wet dog smells like… a wet dog!

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Say goodbye to the ‘eau de dog’ between baths with our natural and refreshing spray! Skip the store-bought deodorizers loaded with artificial scents and harsh chemicals. Our specially crafted blend of essential oils—peppermint, orange, and lavender—alongside nourishing sweet almond oil, offers a natural way to keep your furry friend smelling fresh and clean without any skin irritation or coat dryness.

Perfect for those in-between bath moments, this gentle spray is formulated to naturally refresh your dog’s coat, leaving a subtle, pleasant scent. It’s free from harsh chemicals, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for your pet. While it works wonders for most dogs, we recommend a patch test for puppies under 8 months.

Ingredients: Distilled water, witch hazel, essential oils (sweet orange; peppermint; lavender) & sweet almond oil.

Weight: 2 oz bottle

Better than: This product is carefully handcrafted in small batches with safe ingredients.

Care: Store in glass safe environments.

Packaging: Glass mist bottle primary packaging.

When done: Please reuse container or recycle spray nozzle and glass bottle after use.

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1.5 × 5 in


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Dog Odor Eliminator

Availability: Only 2 left in stock