Dryer Balls Surprise Color (6 Pack)


Replace toxic single use dryer sheets with these 6 natural reusable wool dryer balls!

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These dryer balls combine form and function. They help to reduce drying times, soften clothes naturally, help them to last longer and prevent harmful chemicals reaching your clothes and our landfills. If you’d like your clothes to be scented, you can apply your favorite essential oil to the balls before placing in the dryer. When not in use, they make a great decoration for your laundry room or other area in the house. Made from freshly felted carded wool batten from Lancaster County, PA. These dryer balls are sized to not stretch your fabrics and require the 6 to be used together during each dryer cycle. Approximately 8 oz each, 8 inches around but may vary due to the nature of being handmade. Please note: some loose wool fibers are normal after the first couple of uses. The balls felt but improve with age.

Better than: These dryer balls are better than chemical last fabric sheets that coat you and your family’s clothes in chemicals and relegate dryer sheets to the landfill. These dryer balls also help to speed up drying time which help you to save money on each load.

Care: Use as decoration when not in use. They will felt up overtime, but they will keep on working!

Packaging: These balls come in a hand screened muslin storage bag that can be used to house the dryer balls, to wash delicate or to house any other small objects around your home.

When done: If you’ve gotten every bit of use out of these dryer balls in the dryer, as decoration, heck even as a cat toy, they’re completely compostable and biodegradable.

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7.5 × 2 in

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