Less Than Bamboo Soap Dish Raised


Keep your soap puck, soap bar, and solid shampoo and conditioner bars out of standing water with our bamboo soap dish!

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Say goodbye to soggy soap bars with our eco-friendly raised bamboo soap dish! Crafted from sustainable bamboo, this dish is a smart, plastic-free solution that ensures your favorite soaps, shampoo bars, and conditioner bars stay fresh and last longer.

Designed to keep your solid products dry between uses, this soap dish prevents premature melting and extends the lifespan of your bars. Its sleek, flat design accommodates various sizes of soaps, making it an ideal fit for your sustainable bath routine. Upgrade to this bamboo soap dish and give your bathroom an eco-chic touch while keeping your cleansing essentials in top-notch condition

Better than: The bamboo is sustainable and are better than other plastic options.

Care: Clean soap build up off with water and rag.

Packaging: Comes package-free.

When done: When done, compost.

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 3.25 × 1 in


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