Solid Shampoo Bar


Salon quality hair care, without the plastic!

Meet this line of plastic-free, soap-free solid shampoo bars, a game-changer in eco-conscious hair care! Crafted with concentrated formulas that boast a blend of gentle, nurturing ingredients, these bars pave the way for luxuriously soft, silky, and effortlessly manageable hair.

Designed ergonomically to fit snugly in your hand, the unique shape of our solid shampoo bars ensures easy application. Despite their compact size, each bar offers exceptional longevity, providing the equivalent usage of two large bottles of conventional liquid shampoo.

Tailored to cater to diverse hair needs:

Curl: Tailor-made for textured hair types 3 and 4, this bar elevates curl and wave health. Enriched with babassu butter and pracaxi butter, it enhances definition and locks in crucial moisture.

Fragrance-Free Moisturize: An ideal choice for those with thicker, dry, or fragrance-sensitive hair, this bar corrects moisture imbalances and enhances manageability. Formulated with coconut oil and rice protein, it deeply hydrates and nourishes your hair.

Maintain: Perfect for normal hair or less frequent washes, this formula effectively removes build-up while imparting added shine. Featuring honeyquat and shea butter, it ensures a gentle cleanse and enhanced luster.

Moisturize: Specifically designed for thicker or dryer hair, this bar is a true hydration booster. Packed with nourishing coconut oil and rice protein, it delivers an extra layer of hydration, leaving your hair wonderfully moisturized.

Soothe: Crafted for itchy, flaky, or sensitive scalps, this bar offers a soft and manageable finish. Infused with white willow bark extract and kukui nut oil, it works to soothe and calm your scalp.

Volumize: Tailored for thin, fine, or lifeless hair, this formula, enriched with African dates and vitamin B5, provides frizz control and enhances definition, giving a voluminous boost to waves and curls.

Experience a revolution in sustainable haircare with our diverse range of solid shampoo bars, crafted to meet your unique hair needs.

Better than: No plastic bottle or constant waste when buying more shampoo. A great alternative to other products who don’t use natural, organic ingredients.

Care: Store the bar upright, on soap dish to air dry.

Packaging:  Paper box

When done: Recycle the packaging and order a new bar!

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 6 in

Curl, Fragrance-Free Moisturize, Maintain, Moisturize, Soothe, Volumize


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Solid Shampoo Bar