Thanks for Showing Up Plantable Greeting Card


They showed up when it mattered the most–now’s your chance to show up for the planet!

Express your heartfelt gratitude with this thank you Plantable Card. More than just a card, it’s a gesture filled with hope and positivity, crafted with sustainability and care in mind.

Printed using water-based ink on recycled seed paper, this card symbolizes growth and new beginnings. Once planted, it blossoms into beautiful wildflowers, spreading joy and color in the recipient’s life. These native wildflowers are approved for shipment across the US and its territories, ensuring a meaningful gift that nurtures the environment.

The envelope accompanying the card is crafted from recycled Kraft paper and FSC certified, underscoring our commitment to sustainable practices. Even the adhesive used is eco-friendly, aligning with our mission of reducing environmental impact.

Better than: This card is better than traditional cards because it’s plantable. At the end of it’s life, it will bloom into wildflowers.

Care: Keep dry until you’re ready to plant the card.

Packaging: This ships in all eco-friendly packaging and most importantly, plastic free!

When done: When you’ve extracted all of the love from this card, prepare your planter or pot with firmly pressed potting soil. Lay the card down or cut into pieces depending on the size or shape of your planter. It’s okay if paper pieces overlaps. Spread a 1/8 inch layer of soil over top and press gently. Water your pot so that the soil and paper is moist and continue to do so for the first 10 days. Moisture helps the seeds germinate. Once they start sprouting, keep moist but don’t over-water. 

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 0.1 in
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Thanks for Showing Up Plantable Greeting Card